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Kyoto Sights & Nights Tours

Drawing on his 25 years of experience, Peter has conducted Geisha Culture walking lectures for thousands of visitors for more than 15 years, as well as dining tours, VIP tours with private geisha entertainment, and inside access to the world of the Hanamachi. More information at Kyoto Sights & Nights.

No other foreigner has Peter’s level of access in Kyoto’s Geisha world.

Experience Kyoto walking lecture

Experience Kyoto aims to do more than show you the beautiful sights of Kyoto, so our tours designed to include an education in the history and design aesthetics that make Kyoto what it is.

As Kyoto Sights and Nights, Peter has been leading personalized “walking lectures” of Kyoto Geisha Districts and arranging authentic geiko and maiko entertainment in elegant establishments (not merely hotel geisha shows).

Turn a corner, find a moment, make a memory.

Experience Kyoto Cycling Tours

EK Cycling tours are ideal for seeing and experiencing a variety of different neighborhoods in one day, so you can photograph many of the highlights of Kyoto. Or, on a cycling tour getting quickly to just a few places, and then spending a longer time there on foot.

In the mountains north of Kyoto City.

Ride & Shoot Tandem Photo Tour

Only one day in Kyoto? Hop on the back of the Purple Samba with Nils in the Captain’s seat, and I’ll take you to some of my favorite spots for getting unforgettable photos of the ancient capital. Half-day or full-day tours available.

Steady Rollin’

Kyoto After Dark cycle tours